Scholarship Information


A. This Scholarship is to be awarded to a graduating senior who is:

  1. A student whose parent or guardian is a member from Local 1197
  2. A student whose grandparent is a member from Local 1197
  3. A student whose brother/sister or aunt/uncle is a member from Local 1197
  4. An existing member or spouse, brother or sister

B. This scholarship will be given to the student who demonstrates the most need.

C. The student must fill out this application and submit it to the Executive Board of Local 1197.

D. The student must demonstrate that he/she is enrolled or accepted to a college or university.

E. $500.00 scholarship to be used for tuition, books or housing.

Click here to download a print friendly version of Local 1197's Scholarship Application

2009 / 2010

Jacob Cantrell and Ian Buchanan


Krista Welch and Kaitlyn Webb


Holden Jackson and Kasi French


Tara Biggerstaff and Heather Mitchell


Paul Jackson and Travis Troyer


Leslie Steele and Sarah Heck


Connie Hall
Jamie Clevenger
Trena Biggerstaff
Chris Hopfinger


Emily Davenport
Jennifer Steele
Melissa Hopfinger
Paula Jamerson
Justin Phillips
Danny Hopfinger