Steward Reports 8/22/07

For those of you who are Stewards and fill out your Steward Reports correctly and mail them into Local 1197 at the end of every month THANK YOU! This helps us make sure that the contractor you are working for is PAYING in your Pension, Insurance, Annuity and Vacation Fund. For those of you who do not fill them out right or mail them in at all - we can not find out usually until it's too late that a contractor hasn't paid. If a contractor is out of state, or has already finished the job - it is much harder for the Pension Fund and the Health & Welfare Fund to collect your benefits for you and without the Steward Reports - it is impossible. Please only put 1 Contractor on each Steward Report and only 1 month at a time, and please mail them in at the end of each month. I start tracking those hours as soon as I get your report. It may not matter to you if you miss 8 hours, but it may cause you to have to pay insurance or miss a credit toward your pension. When you run out of reports, just call this office at (618) 643-2757, ext. 102 and we will mail them out to you that day or you can print them from out web-site. Also, if you are out on a job and you are the only laborer there, fill out a Steward Report and mail it in - sometimes contractors move the laborers around without anyone notifying this office - if your not for sure - call us.

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